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isolate ulraa pure

isolate  ulraa  pure
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MEX Nutrition Ultra Pure Isolate Pro - Flex Wheeler Pro Line!
MEX Isolate Pro is a unique protein isolate. American supplement Isolate Pro promoted by bodybuilding icon - flexWheeler - a unique combination of micro-filtered whey protein isolate hydrolyzate of bovine milk protein. Operationconfirmed by the master himself - Isolate Pro increases the body's anabolic potential and accelerates regeneration.Also, do not provide any fats and very low carbohydrates makes happy to be used by people who appreciate the highest quality product without unnecessary additives and enhancers!

With Hydro Peptides. Ultra Pure. Flex Wheeler's Pro Line

High-protein supplement Middle Isolate Pro is a unique blend of the highest quality whey protein isolate and isolatebeef. Isolate Pro is a product of the new series Mex, which face the world of bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler. IsolateProtein Isolate Middle Ultra Pure Pro has been created for rapid reconstruction of muscle regeneration as soon as possible and the greatest potential anabolic. It is characterized by the highest quality, low-carb and zero fat content.Isolate Pro is a cleanest protein on the market, rich in amino acids and glutamine.


Advantages of high protein supplements Ultra Pure Isolate Pro from Middle:

  •      low carbohydrate content,
  •      a combination of whey protein and bovine milk protein hydrolyzate,
  •      high content of BCAA and L-glutamine,
  •      the highest possible digestibility of nutrients,
  •      high solubility, delicious taste,
  •      gluten free
  •      98% lactose free.

Instensive exercise requires adequate amounts of high-quality nutrients that provide adequate regeneration. In your daily diet , it is difficult to balance good food and provide the body with all the hard trainee he needed ingredients. Isolate Pro Series Flex Wheeler Pro Line is the perfect solution for someone who wants the highest quality. The combination of whey protein -protein beef makes Pro Isolate supplement enhances protein synthesis by providing rapid regeneration and development of muscle tissue. Very low in carbohydrates and no fat makes the  Isolate Pro is protein in its purest form , for those who do not like unnecessary enhancers . In addition, American protein dissolves well and has a delicious taste . The low lactose content that makes the protein does not cause upset stomach , and thus can be used immediately after training . Best protein for bodybuilders and strength athletes Flex Wheeler Middle Ultra Pure Isolate Pro.

Benefits of using Flex Wheeler Middle Isolate Pro - the best protein shake :

  •     immediately replenishes amino acids after training ,
  •     has a strong anabolic effects,
  •     comprehensive restoration of muscle
  •     supports the building of lean muscle mass ,
  •     effect on fat reduction ,
  •     quickly regenerates your body after a workout .

Recommended use:

1 portion (29g - 1 scoop) should be dissolved in 250 ml of water, milk or juice and mix until dissolved. Use 2-3servings daily depending on demand.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (29 g)
Servings Per Container: 62.5

Amount Per Serving:
Energy value:      108 kcal 
Protein                26 g 
Carbohydrates     1 g 
- Of which sugars 0 g 
Dietary fiber         0.5 g 
Fats                    0 g 
- Of which saturated 0 g 
Cholesterol          3 mg 
Sodium               70 mg 
Potassium          145 mg 
Vitamin A            0 mg
Vitamin C            0 mg 
Calcium              0 mg
Iron                     0 mg
*RDA%: Percent of the Recommended Daily Allowance. 
† RDA not established in the EU.

Amino Acids Profile:
L-alanine          1.4 / 4.8
L-lysine            0.9 / 3.1
L-arginine         0.4 / 1.3
L-methionine     0.6 / 2.0
L-aspartic acid  1.6 / 5.5
L-phenylalanine 1.1 / 3.7
L-cysteine        0.6 / 2.0
L-proline           1.0 / 3.4
L-glutamic acid 5.9 / 20.0
L-serine            1.3 / 4.4
L-glycine           2.4 / 8.3
L-threonine       1.1 / 3.7
L-histidine         0.4 / 1.3
L-tryptophan      0.4 / 1.3
L-isoleucine       1.3 / 4.4
L-tyrosine          0.8 / 2.7
L-leucine           3.3 / 11.3
L-valine             1.3 / 4.4

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