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منتج ممتاز لحرق الدهون - كبسول
الاستعمال: كبسولة واحدة باليوم خلال الثلاث أيام الأولى ، ثم يمكن تناول كبسولتين باليوم
لا يستعمل أكثر من مرتين باليوم
- الافضل تناوله على معدة فارغة مع 250 مل من الماء ، والذين يعانون من أمراض المعدة يمكن تناوله أثناء الوجبات

You asked for a stronger fat burner made with professional-Grade ingredients.

You asked for a product that melts fat like nothing else before it.

Introducing the all new BeautyHeat® - Pro-Grade Thermo-Stimulant!

After 6 years of obesity research analysis, BeautyHeat® has now cleared our prototype-testing stage. This formula is finally approved for use as a dietary supplement and it's never been a more exciting time to sculpt your body as now! Never before in the history of our company have we formulated an over-the-counter fat burner that hits this hard, this fast! This incredible product is a breakthrough for female physique, bikini and fitness competitors looking for a prescription strength thermogenic that can be bought right where any dietary supplement is found. And after you take just one serving (1 capsule) you'll know exactly why we're so excited about BeautyHeat®.

Professional Grade Ingredients

BeautyHeat® starts with 494 mg. of professional-grade fat-loss ingredients. That means; no impurities; no unequal dosing; no pixie dusting; no B.S. Every batch is lab tested to ensure it delivers maximum potency and is free of any impurities. The formula is then processed in our state-of-the-art U.S. approved manufacturing facility where it's mechanically compacted into ultra-concentrated capsules. Each capsule makes up one full serving so there's no need for multiple pills when you're on BeautyHeat®. You've got everything needed to obliterate fat in just one capsule. In fact, we can't legally recommend that you take any more than 1 capsule at any given time because it's REALLY that strong!


BeautyHeat® is classified by scientists as a "thermo-stimulant" because it detonates your body's thermic (heat) response to the active ingredients in each capsule. This is why it's so effective at melting away pounds and inches in record time. To understand this process, it's important to understand that we all have Brown Adipose Tissue (B.A.T.) located in our upper back and throughout our internal core. This special tissue is engaged in response to extremely cold temperatures, when overeating, or during certain periods of environmental stress. But when B.A.T. it is triggered, your body undergoes a massive heat production and total body calorie expenditure goes through the roof. This biothermic process gets your body shredding fat like nothing you've ever experienced. Your body is literally forced to use fat for energy while sparing the use of muscle tissue. This is exactly what's happening when you take just one serving of BeautyHeat®.

Be Beautiful. Be Ripped™

Begin melting fat right now by taking 1 serving (1 capsule) each day for the first 3 days. Once you've developed respect for the thermogenic potency of BeautyHeat,™ take a second serving (1 capsule) that day. NEVER exceed more than 2 servings in any 24-hour period and of course, do not take BeautyHeat® within 5 hours before bedtime.

Maximize Fat Melting

For maximum thermogenic response, take your first serving of BeautyHeat® in the morning and a second serving (only if your body can tolerate it) in the afternoon. Always take with a full glass (8oz.) of cold water to assist with absorption and hydration. BeautyHeat® needs to be taken every single day to keep your metabolism constantly elevated. Doing so torches fat like a blowtorch and melts away pounds and inches faster than any non-prescription fat burner of its kind.

Who's Leading BeautyHeat®

Like all BeautyFit® products, BeautyHeat® was designed by top trainer Jimmy Mentis. He has helped formulate hundreds of supplements over the years and trained countless professional fitness competitors and bikini models. BeautyFit® has now exploded on the scene and is one of the fastest growing women's weight-loss solution leaders in the industry. Their products are used by countless female competitors in the IFBB and NPC, and elite fitness models needing a "quick fix" to help them lean down for upcoming photo shoots and other appearances.

Supplemental Facts for Beauty Heat

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